LTH Parent Compact and Title I Information

American Dream Academy
L. Thomas Heck is currently participating in the American Dream Academy for parents, sponsored by ASU.  This is a research-proven program that can help boost student achievement and build college and career readiness through engaging parents in classes in the the following areas:

  • understanding the parents’ role in education
  • partnering with the school
  • academic standards
  • communication & discipline
  • self-esteem & motivation
  • reading & spending time together
  • success plan
  • connecting with the Principal

The mission of this training is to help families gain the tools and confidence to join forces with schools and communities to make sure their child has a successful academic career.  

What is Title I? 
Title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, was reauthorized as the No Child Left Behind Act of 2002 and the Every Child Succeeds Act of 2015.  It is the largest federal assistance program for schools. The federal government provides funding to the state. The state sends the money to school districts based on the number of families below a set income level. Local districts use the funding to provide instructional services and activities which support students in meeting the state's performance standards.

L. Thomas Heck Middle School receives federal funds to provide a school-wide program. A school-wide program serves all children in the school by providing staff and/or other resources to assist in classrooms in the areas of reading and math.

For more information about Title I, visit the AZ Department of Education website.  Please also download and read  the School/Parent Compact for L. Thomas Heck Middle School.